Who is Rokabear?

1Founded in 2010, Rokabear provides infrastructure services including Datacenter Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Office, Virtual Private Servers, IP Transit, and MPLS services across a footprint of three datacenters in the United States and Europe. Rokabear currently operates two regionally optimized Autonomous Systems (AS54876 and AS62234). Built from the ground up by recognized leaders in the hosting and security industries, Rokabear is uniquely suited to scale operations for businesses ranging from startups to the Fortune 100.

Our Philosophy

Rokabear LLC is dedicated to the idea that hosting should be flexible without being overcomplicated. In hosting, one size does not fit all, and different people and organizations have different requirements. Our offerings focus on users having the ability to control their own systems, compile their own kernel modules and run their systems their way.

At Rokabear, we value our reputation for performance, stability, and reliability and know these values instill confidence in our customers. We are in continuous pursuit of new and better methods and technology for our customers needs. In short, we love hosting and everything about it!

The Origins of Our Name

We often get asked about the name and mascot for Rokabear. Roka is an all white German Shepherd dog the founder rescued from a shelter, only hours before his time was up. Roka was malnourished, dirty and terrified but instantly bonded with Rokabear’s founder.

Roka’s original name was Blizzard. To give him a new beginning, his new family chose the name Roka. Roka is a Japanese word meaning white crest of the wave. The name represents Roka’s coat color and the beginning of his new life; Roka’s nickname is Rokabear.

In a stable and encouraging environment, Roka has become a healthy and happy dog. At Rokabear, we focus on creating a stable environment and guiding clients toward hosting their way, being flexible to their needs. If and when customers need our help, Rokabear is there, ready to take on any necessary challenges to ensure our customers’ success.

Global Coverage

Tier III+ and Tier 4 Datacenters in the US and Europe

Our extensive footprint across the United States and Europe enables our customers to take advantage of rapid expansion capabilities. We can help scale your business to the next level. Please contact our Rokabear Sales Engineers for a custom proposal.

Premium Network Offerings

IP Transit

We hold our upstream providers to a high standard, and choose providers that are best suited for our customers' applications in each market. Rokabear utilizes BGP performance optimization techniques to deliver the best possible performance. Learn more about our network services.

IP Transport

Want to connect your office into our datacenters to take advantage of direct connectivity to servers, or high-speed internet access? Speak to a Rokabear Sales Engineer to build a solution that meets your business' requirements today.

Rokabear Guarantee

  • 100% Power and Cooling SLA
  • Enterprise-grade Network
  • Tier III+ and Tier IV datacenters
Additional Information
Customer Review

“Rokabear's network is blazing!”

Tony, Rokabear Customer

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