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Virtual Private Servers offer many of the benefits of dedicated servers with a lower cost to the customer.  Rokabear's KVM VPS offerings uses KVM as the underlying technology so that the customer is in full control of their system.  Utilizing our VPS Control Panel the customer is able to have complete control over their virtual server.
Watch the video below for a demo of our KVM VPS Control Panels.

Rokabear KVM VPS Control Panels

VPS Control Panel Features include:
  • Starting, Stopping, and Rebooting of VPS
  • Reinstalling the Operating System from ISO files
  • Switching Operating Systems
  • VNC Console access with graphical capabilities
  • Install or Compile Custom Kernels
  • Run IPSec, Openvpn, or other VPN software
  • Plus many many more featurers
A Rokabear VPS is ideal for running applications such as : Below are our base package selections.  If you would like a custom package, please email  sales@rokabear.com or submit a ticket in our Ticketing System for a custom  quote.

  • Package
  • RAM (MB)
  • Storage (GB)
  • Transfer (GB)
  • IPs
  • Monthly Price
  • Order Now
Operating Systems availabile (32 and 64 bit)
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • OpenSuSE
  • FreeBSD
  • and many more, if we don't have it just ask!
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  • Instant Setup
  • Full root access
  • Start, Stop, Reboot Control
  • Great for Web, DNS, Asterisk,
    Openvpn, and Mail Servers
  • Easily upgrade RAM, HD,
    Bandwidth at anytime
  • Reinstall or switch Operating
    systems at any time