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Welcome to Rokabear.com
Professional hosting for business, personal, social and non-profit organizations. We offer flexibility without overcomplicating things.


  • Instant Setup
  • Full root access
  • Console Access to VPS via SSH
  • Great for Web, Asterisk, Openvpn, DNS and Mail Servers
  • Easily upgrade RAM, HD, bandwidth anytime
  • Reinstall or Change OS through our customer interface
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  • Instant Setup
  • Full root access
  • VNC Graphical Console Access to VPS
  • Install the OS yourself!
  • Build or Install your own Kernel
  • Great for Web, Asterisk, Openvpn, IPSEC, DNS and Mail Servers

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  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Better response to higher demand applications
  • Managed servers available
  • Load balancing configurations

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  • Already have a server
  • Ship a server directly to us
  • We can order and set up a new server for you
  • Custom hardware needing hosting
  • Flexible power options
  • Fast turnaround time

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